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sironaSIRONA CEREC 3D- cutting edge 3D technology
Get rid of your old leaking black silver fillings, restore your broken teeth, change your smile, replace an odd looking crown, and enjoy the benefits and comfort of mercury free, metal free dentistry with highly durable and aesthetic one visit porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges. This is the most convenient solution for busy people or travellers, as there is no impression
taking, no second visit and no second injection. A 3D scan, milling/sculpting of the porcelain work from a full porcelain block, ends with placement of the prosthesis on the tooth in less than two hours. Simple, isn’t it??
Dental Intraoral X-ray Sensors have been shown to be every bit as diagnostic as film radiographs, while offering clinicians a lot more when it comes to diagnostics and ways the images can be used. With better resolution, dramatically reduced radiation to the patient, and the ability to zoom into parts of the image as well as used filters for enhanced diagnostics, digital dental X-ray systems are friendlier to the patient, and to the doctor. Add to that the ability to archive radiographs with no loss of image quality, as well as the ability to send a perfect digital copy to insurance companies or referral partners
This electronic device allows easy placements of implants into the jawbone with settings that optimise success rate and patient comfort


This is a high tech camera that we use to capture your perfect smile and also to provide crystal clear images to aid in diagnosis. Before and after pictures are very important in our archive record keeping and for the patient to keep for personal use.