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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm, Saturday: 8am - 1pm & Sun: Closed

  Contact : 42 Lilian Ngoyi Road, (Windermere Road) Windermere, Durban, (031) 309 1247

About Us

We strive for perfection in everything that we do at Garach Dental, and are a team of Dentists, Oral Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Practice Manageresses, and Appointment Coordinators.  Holistic and comprehensive patient care from the time the patient walks into our dental rooms till the time they walk out is what we value the most. Making a difference in every patient’s lives is what brings us joy. Our practice eventually becomes our patient’s home, and we maintain and provide our dental family with the finest and most personalised dental care available. We specialise in Cosmetic Dentistry, Family and General Care all at medical scheme tariff rates.

We offer a wide spectrum of dental services, only using the best materials and obtaining the best results possible. Our state of the art technology ensures patient comfort, thorough diagnosis, pain relief, and beautiful smiles. We do a lot of specialised work, namely; porcelain work in one appointment (with the use of our Cerec CAD/CAM technology), and placement of Dental Implants. The CAD/CAM technology is the new gold standard high-tech dentistry has to offer.  In a nutshell, we will take an optical impression/3D impression of your tooth. This virtual model of your tooth allows us to design a veneer/crown/bridge, which will then be sent digitally to a machine that will mill/sculpt the crown from a highly aesthetic porcelain block. This procedure of single visit veneers/crowns/bridges allows the highest form of convenience for our patients. Imagine your front tooth cracked? Would you like to wait for a crown or veneer to come back one week later from the lab for cementation, or would the convenience of it being done the same time suit you? Also, with this procedure, there is no use of any unpleasant tasting impression materials or temporary crowns or second injections.

Dentistry is always a pleasant experience when it is pain free with minimal trauma. The sound of soothing music in the background and painless injections is what makes Garach Dental unique. There are also certain techniques that we use with kids, which work very effectively, and carrying out a baby root canal in the chair on a two year old child while they fall asleep is not an uncommon occurrence. We often treat kids under General Anaesthesia when there is a lot of work that is needed. This benefits the patient because in an hour, all work is completed. Patients are discharged the same day; in fact two hours post treatment, and minimal discomfort is experienced.

Our staff are highly trained with one motivation in mind, and that is to ensure that every patient is treated with care. We believe in educating our patients on dental health and the procedures that we do. Patients need to know about the many options available for certain cases and which yield a favourable prognosis. Financially, we can structure a plan for you, especially with the help of First Health Finance.

Feel free to go through our website and browse around. Give us a call or email us for any questions even if you feel it will sound like an embarrassing one. We are here to help and will attend to all your needs. We are dedicated to helping all our patients, so don’t feel shy!!!!!